Certification Course In Global Sustainability & Environment

This course offers in-depth insights into Climate Change and Sustainability, covering topics such as renewable energy, biodiversity, and global policies, with real-life examples and a hands-on internship.

What will you Learn?

Climate Resilience Adaptation

Understand the strategies and tools needed to build resilience against the impacts of climate change, ensuring communities and systems can adapt and thrive

Sustainable Energy Transition

Discover the latest advancements in renewable energy technologies and policies driving the transition to a low-carbon energy system

Biodiversity Conservation

Gain insights into the importance of biodiversity conservation for ecosystem health and explore strategies for habitat preservation and restoration

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Discover strategies for promoting sustainable agriculture practices, reducing food waste, and creating more resilient and equitable food systems that address issues such as food security and nutrition

Smart Cities and Urban Sustainability

Dive into the concept of smart cities and urban sustainability, exploring innovations in urban planning, transportation, energy efficiency, and green infrastructure to create more livable and sustainable cities

Water Conservation and Management

Learn about the importance of water conservation and sustainable water management practices, including water-efficient technologies, watershed management, and water governance

Secure Your Future in the Growing Green Economy

Know your Mentor: Saurabh Gupta

As a globally renowned environmentalist and the founder of Earth5R, Saurabh Gupta has had the privilege of leading initiatives recognized worldwide. From being selected as a Young Leader in India-France by French President Macron to representing India at the Paris Peace Forum, Saurabh's journey in sustainability leadership has been truly remarkable.

Saurabh Gupta secured funding from the United Nations for a river cleaning project in India and received esteemed accolades from UNESCO. He is also the recipient of a prestigious award from Google for creating the Earth5R app, chosen as the Best App of 2023 in the Apps for Good category.

Saurabh has trained and coached students from prestigious institutions such as New York University, U Penn, Cambridge, Sciences Po, Princeton University, IITs, and LSE on sustainability and the green economy. He has mentored hundreds of thousands of students from around the globe, delivering two TEDx talks, one at the University of Paris and the other at SVV College, Mumbai University.

As the founder of a globally renowned sustainability startup, which has successfully raised capital and boasts business partners such as Decathlon, Thomson Reuters, Tata, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, and PWC, Saurabh Gupta understands the unique challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in sustainability. He trains young minds in cracking the new age code and how to create a career and venture in the new sustainability-based economy.

What's Inside?

Modules Included:
Major Global Environmental Issues
Understanding Climate Change
Environmental Systems and Resources
Sustainability Fundamentals
Sustainable Waste Management
Water Conservation and Management
Renewable Energy Solutions
Advanced Plantation and Afforestation Techniques

Blogs and Articles

Navigating the Green Economy: Building a Sustainable Career Path for Students in 2024-2030

Reviews from our Students

Gabriel Silva, Brazil

University of Melbourne, Australia

Thanks to Earth5R, I could highlight my sustainability efforts in my application to the University of Melbourne. My participation in a rainforest preservation project in Rio de Janeiro showcased my dedication to environmental conservation and biodiversity protection.

Maria Garcia, Spain

University of Toronto, Canada

Earth5R's sustainability course played a crucial role in my acceptance at the University of Toronto. My involvement in a community recycling program in Madrid highlighted my commitment to waste reduction and sustainable living practices.

Ravi Patel, India

Stanford University, USA

The skills and experiences I gained through Earth5R were instrumental in my application to Stanford University. My participation in a coastal cleanup project in Mumbai showcased my dedication to environmental stewardship and marine conservation.

Sara Al-Farsi, Oman

University of Edinburgh, UK

Earth5R's sustainability program significantly enhanced my application to the University of Edinburgh. My involvement in a desert reforestation project in Muscat demonstrated my commitment to combating desertification and promoting ecosystem restoration.

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